Friday, March 13, 2009

Local Scrapbook Love <3

There is really nothing like a local scrapbook store (AKA "LSS"), the owner is a crafter with tons of talents, loves to show you new techiniques and unlike major chain stores know about the new and old products ancd can show you about them!
No matter what the coupons and incentives I have always loved visiting my LSS and did so nonstop when I lived in Tallahassee, FL (the capital).
I am truly saddened by the state of our economy and the effect it has had on our LSSs all over the US. I was really involved during my undergrad years in Tallahassee with my LSS, always participated in classes and even helped to teach some............absolutely loved it! I moved to South Florida after graduation and shortly started my grad studies and a family so I did not get too much into the scrapping scene until I first got my cricut that I wanted for so long and most importantly falling in love with a local scrapbbok store called "Stamp-A-Lot"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The owner is truly as my students would put it "The BOMB!" and it is always a joy to go there and find new goodies or enjoy a class.
I say all of this to encourage you all to support your LSS because they are truly unique and any true paper scrapper genuinely want to preserve them :-)

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