Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cricut Blues :-(

Hi everyone,
I have been experiencing what I call the "Cricut Blues" :-( See I have not been able to use my Cricut since December 31st......nad have been craving to do so every second. As you may recall I took over the dining room area for my holiday crafting and had to clear it (because it was only borrowed space) especially for our New Year Eve's Fiesta. Here is a picture of the dining room table back to performing its regular duties :-)

As a result I rushed to Michaels (On January 1st) and bought a small crafting table to go in our little nook right up the stairs. Opened the box took out all the parts and there were no instructions, oh no! I couldn't reach the company until yesterday and they quickly emailed the much needed instructions to me :-)
Now here is the good amazing friend Cesca (thanks a billion girlie, you ROCK!) came over and she is really good at putting anything together so we made a deal that I would work on her grandma's 100th birthday (yes what a blessing huh?) invite while she puts the table up. As soon as she started she called me over and guess what she had in her hand? Yep the instructions lol they were there all along between two of boards lol I could have been using my beloved Cricut all this time!!!

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